GSD documentation

GSD (General Simulation Data) is a file format specification and a library to read and write it. The package also contains a python module that reads and writes hoomd schema gsd files.

GSD files:

  • Efficiently store many frames of data from simulation runs.

  • High performance file read and write.

  • Support arbitrary chunks of data in each frame (position, orientation, type, etc…).

  • Append frames to an existing file with a monotonically increasing frame number.

  • Resilient to job kills.

  • Variable number of named chunks in each frame.

  • Variable size of chunks in each frame.

  • Each chunk identifies data type.

  • Common use cases: NxM arrays in double, float, int, char types.

  • Generic use case: binary blob of N bytes.

  • Can be integrated into other tools with python, or a C API (< 1k lines).

  • Fast random access to frames.


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